BENJAMIN YAKOVLEVICH SKVIRSKIY Full member and First Vice-President of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. Born 29 August 1935 in Tashkent. He graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute of the Refrigeration Industry in 1957. He is an academician, Vice-President of the Saint Petersburg Engineering Academy. He is an engineer, writer and playwright. He has over 200 patents and was a designer of the first Soviet aqualungs. He designed the target chamber for the cyclotron at Leningrad University (1962). From 1966 to 1969 he created a base hydrodynamic machine model for cleaning sewage systems using rockets, for fire extinguishing and for cleaning wells. By 1989 he had made five models of this machine. He is a member of the Writer’s Union of Russia and Germany, the author of theatre plays, more than 500 humorous monologues for the stage and two novels. He has written shows for the Arkady Raikin theatre. Artistic director of the Saint Petersburg Small Russian Theatre of Thrillers and an expert public reader. He has designed projects for small-scale power systems. He developed projects for creating atomic powered ships for carrying passengers and also for extracting mineral resources from the Arctic shelf. He has also designed environmentally clean farm buildings using technology unsuitable for military purposes. In 1995 he designed a wind generator using written off military equipment. He has created magnetrons for cars. He has built equipment for obtaining clean water with a surplus of silver and calcium ions, which makes it possible to kill bird flu. He has created automatic greenhouses for gardens and dachas. He has designed a system of aerating water and saturating it with negative ions-air ions. He has begun to enrich swimming pools using silver-copper ionisers with magnetised water instead of disinfecting it with chlorine. He has designed systems of local mobile purification units for plants and factories. He is the founder of the company ECO-Atom which produces clean drinking water, saturated with silver ions, and also filters. In 2001 he created a health filter-biocorrector which removes negative energy information from water clusters. He has developed a range of medical instruments and methods for curing illnesses. He was awarded Gold Medals by VDNKH USSR (1956, 1976), the highest award for inventors in the USSR. He is listed in 12 Russian and foreign encyclopaedias and in the Russian Guinness Book of Records (1983) as the most versatile inventor in Russia. He is a member of the Council of Experts of the German Society of Inventors (IWIS) and is on the Management Advisory Board for scientific research at the Californian and Cambridge Biographical Institutes. "Person of the Year" (1999, 2001). National Award of Italy in the category "Literature". "Outstanding person of the Twentieth century" (Nomination of the Institute for International Research, USA). Doctor of New York University. Honorary Doctor and Professor of Hannover University. Member of the Council of Experts of IWIS Germany. He has been awarded many international and Russian awards. Medal of Honor of America (2002), The Order of Chizhevsky, International Service Medal (USA), The Queen’s Medal, Knight’s Cross on a medal ribbon (Italy), Medal of Honour (Germany), Senate Order, Eular Medal, Leonardo da Vinci Medal, The International Achievement Award (England), Cold medal for Leading World Intellectual (USA), Order of International Envoy (USA). He is Chairman of the Council of Experts of the Russian Biographical Encyclopaedia. e-mail:

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