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Books, brochures and magazines on important problems of science and engineering, preservation and popularization of scholarly creative heritage. The series on history of the Nobel movement as a social phenomenon of the 20th century was highly successful. The series was designed by A. I. Melua, and discussed with M. Sohlman in December 1991 in Stockholm (during the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Nobel Prizes). The first monograph in this series was prepared by A. M. Blokh, talented researcher of the history of the Nobel Foundation. («Soviet Union in the Interiors of the Nobel Prize»). A considerable contribution to truly encyclopedic monographs about Nobel Prizes was made by a group of authors under the direction of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. D. Nozdrachev. By 2009, a total of 20 monographs were published within this series, among them «Nobel Prizes In Physiology or Medicine», «Nobel Prizes in Chemistry», «Nobel Prizes in Physics», «I. P. Pavlov, the first Russian Nobel Prize Winner», «Nobel Prize Winners in Economics», «A. I. Yarotsky: On the Threshold of Great Discoveries in Physiology», «Alfred Nobel in St. Petersburg», «Vasily Leontyev: Documents, Memoirs, Articles», «M. A. Sholokhov in Alfred Nobel’s Homeland», «I. I. Mechnikov, Nobel Prize Winner», and others. A number of monographs has been dedicated to history of St. Petersburg, its industry, and problems of ecology. Among them - B. P. Usanov`s major monograph, «Nikolay Ivanovich Putilov», «A City on the Sea», «Standing Boldly on the Sea Coast.» Environmental issues are discussed in major monographs created by professors A. I. Potapov and V. V. Zhurkovich, and their colleagues and students. In 2004-2005 Humanistika Academic Publishing House renewed publication of «Economic Revival of Russia» Magazine, now published under the leadership of its editor, Professor A. N. Asaul. A number of collections of poems and pieces of music was prepared by Professor V. G. Sergeeva, Ph. D., G. Ph.D. (Econ.).


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