100-volume Russian biographical encyclopedia

100-volume Russain Biographical Encyclopedia (RBE) - a fundamental issue, which includes biographical articles about the citizens of Russia, which made a significant contribution to the country's history. The oldest one is based on biblical sources, the article on Afet (son of Noah), whose family had settled after the Great Flood, on land now being southern Russia. This period dates from approximately 50-100 thousand years BC. The size of each biographical article does not exceed 5 thousand characters, and includes, as a rule, a photo or graphic image of a citizen, whom it was originally written. The authors of the articles are scientists and specialists, known in some areas. They also participate in the selection of persons, articles which are placed in the RBE.

Once prepared an array of biographical articles on a particular theme (with the names of all the letters of the alphabet), it is published in online edition - "Materials for the RBE". Issues of the "Materials" are sent to experts and libraries for the purpose of testing of the articles for suggestions to supplement of the list and content of articles.

The volumes of RBE are  issued sequentially, according to the Russian alphabet, beginning with the letter A. From time to time we will publish additional volumes, compiled from the articles missed in previous volumes.

When writing the biographical articles a large variety of sources is used, both in Russia and in other countries: publisher maintains ties with the Russian diasporas in more than 120 countries. In selecting the names the geographic borders of Russia are considered for the period of time within of which the preparation of articles is made.

The unique computer technology is developed and perfected to collect, process and use large amounts of biographical data. It is of great importance for the subsequent amendments and additions. Total data measured in the hundreds of terabytes.



Last name, first name of the person.

Dates of life (day, month, year). For those born before 1918, indicate the old and the new calendar dates (for dates before 1918).

Place of birth. Place names are given in the wording of the date of birth (in brackets the current name if it was renamed).

What higher education institutions (name of the specialty and department) has graduated from, year of graduation. The names of educational institutions are given in the editorial office at the end of the year.

Academic degrees and academic titles, years of their award. Military rank of general and admiral during the assignment. Membership in Public Academies, the year of election.

Business career. Which positions in the public institutions and organizations held in what year. Names of institutions and organizations are given in the editorial for the duration of this skill in them. What command positions and in which he held (military).

Professional activities - What problem (organizational, scientific, methodological, etc.) to decide in which years. What are the results obtained, their significance for the industry, cities and society as a whole.

Teaching in higher education: position, name of the institution, years.

Social activities: Title (type of membership), the name of public organization and years.

Honours, Years of awards.

Professional awards and prizes, years of awards.

How was immortalized by the name of a specialist (for deceased) - the appropriation of his name institutions, scholarships, geographical features, etc.

The main published work of a person (2 - 3) (name, place of publication, year).

Major published works about him.

Abbreviations are not used. After the finalization of article at the Publishing House its volume will not exceed 5,000 characters. Photos of persons are presented in a single copy in black and white. If the photo is sent to the publishers on photo paper, the inscription of the name in pencil in capital letters is needed on the back of the photo.  Photos may be submitted as an electronic file formats: TIF, JPG by sending an e-mail. The minimum resolution for black and white photographs is 300 dpi, for color photographs - 600 dpi.

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