ARKADY IVANOVICH MELUA, General Director and Editor-In-Chief of the Academic Publishing House of Humanistica International Biography Encyclopedia. Professor and Grand Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Melua was born on February 7, 1950 in Kazatin. In 1973, while in military service received a degree in engineering from Leningrad Construction Institute. In 1969 started his career as an engineer with various facilities of the Ministry of Defense. Participated in the construction of an educational nuclear reactor in one of military higher schools. Started his own research career in 1974. >>>

YAROSLAV YAROSLAVOVICH GOLKO Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the 100 volume Russian Biographic Encyclopedia. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics. Organized and held several scientific and cultural events on studying, preserving and popularizing creative heritage of Russian citizens. Was born August 22, 1961 in Volitsa Village of Nesterovsky Distict, Lviv Region. After graduating from high school in Chervonograd attended a school for mechanics; his career began at local industrial enterprises. In 1980-1986 attended Plekhanov Leningrad Mining Institute. During his studies he participated actively in various service opportunities. >>>

BENJAMIN YAKOVLEVICH SKVIRSKIY Full member and First Vice-President of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. Born 29 August 1935 in Tashkent. He graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute of the Refrigeration Industry in 1957. He is an academician, Vice-President of the Saint Petersburg Engineering Academy. He is an engineer, writer and playwright. He has over 200 patents and was a designer of the first Soviet aqualungs. He designed the target chamber for the cyclotron at Leningrad University (1962). >>>



100-volume Russian Biographic Encyclopedia
100-volume Russian Biographic Encyclopedia (RBE) – a major project containing biographic articles of Russian citizens who made a significant contribution to development of the country throughout its history. >>>

Biographic and Thematic Encyclopedias.
Biographic and Thematic Encyclopedias. Include biographic articles on experts and scholars in various spheres of activity. As of 2009, Humanistica Academic Publishing House published some 40 encyclopedias, including "Engineers of St. Petersburg," ii >>>

Nobel movement
Nobel movement: Studies of the Nobel movement as a social phenomenon and promotion of its progressive and humanistic ideas. Focuses on research of life of Alfred Nobel, circumstances of establishing the Nobel Prizes, and nominating and awarding Nobel Prizes. >>>

Books, brochures and magazines
Books, brochures and magazines on important problems of science and engineering, preservation and popularization of scholarly creative heritage. The series on history of the Nobel movement as a social phenomenon of the 20th century was highly successful. >>>

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News from Humanistica: book publications, symposia, exhibitions, socially significant achievements in various spheres of activity. >>>

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